#StartupChats Recap – How to Master Your Pitch

Episode Overview

On Wednesday, August 25th, we were joined by four great experts to talk about Mastering Your Pitch as we prepare for #StartupGlobal.

We were joined by;

Melloney Campbell, Leader of Startup Peel

Shaun Pingitore, Director of Strategy, Atlas Marketing

Megan Leslie, CEO of NanoTess

Cydney Mar, Product Development Strategist

A graphic of the #StartupChats experts names and photos

Why is it important to pitch your business?

What do you need to make sure you include in your pitch?

What are some of the mistakes people make when pitching their business?

You can continue to learn from this conversation by reading the entire transcript here. Be sure to join us for #StartupChats every Wednesday on Twitter from 12-1pm EST!

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