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What is it?

Startup Gov gives every entrepreneur a voice to government to create the conditions necessary for entrepreneurial success in Canada.

How we do it

Startup Gov is where valuable partnerships are made. We engage the entire ecosystem to connect, communicate, and collaborate; a commitment to better serving Canadian entrepreneurs and feeding a vibrant entrepreneurial network.

The core elements

This year, activities will occur over the course of a full calendar year with the aim to provide productive opportunities for entrepreneurs, private sector partners, and government to co-create a path forward as we look to entrepreneurship as a main driver for economic growth and stability in Canada.

Get heard

Have your voice heard internationally, federally and provincially through bi-monthly invite-only roundtables that connect you with government

Provide recommendations

Provide concrete recommendations on how you can be better supported by both the public and private sector through monthly government and entrepreneur meetings

Learn insights

Find out how the government is supporting entrepreneurs both provincially and internationally through our informational campaigns and resource sharing initiatives

Connect together

Join us at our full-day hybrid conference on October 20 during BDC’s Small Business Week™


Connecting the dots for entrepreneurs

Commencing in February 2022, Startup Canada will host bi-monthly invitation-only roundtable discussions featuring government representatives, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders. These sessions will provide a vehicle for Parliamentarians to hear directly from entrepreneurs so stronger partnerships can blossom at the grassroots.

Audience: Government officials, entrepreneurs from Startup Canada Communities and network and key stakeholders from both the private and public sector.

Monthly Meetings

Government and entrepreneur meetings

Monthly, Startup Canada will meet with key government officials and entrepreneurs to share feedback and recommendations on how both the private and public sector can better support entrepreneurs and create the conditions necessary for economic growth and recovery. There will be opportunities for partner organizations to join meetings based on a particular policy recommendation and/or feedback regarding government programs and general partnership opportunities between the private and public sector.

Learn insights

Resource Sharing Library

As part of Startup Gov 2021, a comprehensive government relations toolkit was developed to provide entrepreneurs with foundational government relations tools and support them with their own advocacy efforts.

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As part of Startup Gov 2021, we held a series of consultations with Startup Canada Community Leaders which provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have their voices heard. These meetings culminated in a report that highlights recommendations on what the federal government and other support organizations can do to better support them.

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Social Media

Informational Campaigns

Throughout the year, Startup Canada will share stories of entrepreneurs who have benefited from specific government and private sector programs and/or funding.

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rewatch past events

2021 Program Recap

Missed an event? No problem! Watch the recaps and recordings below.

On July 27th, 2022, Startup Canada hosted an intimate roundtable featuring the Co-Chairs of the All-Party Entrepreneur Caucus, Startup Canada Community Leaders, and key Startup Canada ecosystem support partners. This roundtable provided a vehicle for Parliamentarians to hear directly from entrepreneurs so stronger partnerships can blossom at the grassroots. Watch some highlights from the events below.

Startup Canada held a session featuring MP Ali Ehsassi, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (Innovation and Industry), and MP Rachel Bendayan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion, and International Trade to help entrepreneurs understand the Federal Budget, components that are intended to support their growth, and a mechanism for entrepreneurs to provide feedback on additional support required. The topics included:

  • Procurement diversification 
  • Support for women entrepreneurs
  • Digital Adoption 
  • Canada Recovering Hiring Program
  • Removing barriers to international trade
  • Investing in Canada’s next generation of innovators 
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship 
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development Program  
  • Regional Development Agency Support 

Watch the recaps below:

Startup Canada Community members will meet and discuss what key aspects they would like to see the federal government do to better support them. Two additional sessions will be offered in both French and English to Startup Canada general community members. The notes and key recommendations will be packaged and sent to their local MP and used for federal and in ongoing federal meetings. Please note that in 2022 we will be hosting monthly sessions to learn more about the key areas community leaders would like to see the federal and provincial governments do to better support them.

During Small Business Week, Startup Canada hosted a series of events focusing on various themes, such as women’s perspectives, innovation, e-commerce and trade, rural entrepreneurship and inclusive communities, and examining how we can create a more supportive environment (policy recommendations for all levels of government) for entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed post-pandemic and beyond. 

  • Stronger, Together: Connecting with Communities & Local Ecosystems | Watch Now
  • Through a Women’s Lens: Hurdles in Entrepreneurship | Watch Now
  • ON Route to Disruption: Ontario’s Role in the National Innovation Ecosystem | Watch Now

Learn about the latest findings and trends from the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs Report. Representatives from the top 5 countries featured in the report were highlighted, including Israel, the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Poland. Additionally, this interactive International Perspectives session began with a special fireside chat with Isabelle Hudon, former Ambassador of Canada to France and Monaco, now President and CEO of BDC – Canada’s bank for entrepreneurs. A champion of diversity and gender equality, Isabelle is BDC’s first woman CEO and also the co-founder of The A Effect, a program to empower ambitious women.

The event will be aired twice to accommodate the different time zones. When registering, select the time that is most convenient for you.

  • A Global Snapshot: The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs | Watch Now
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can insert your postal code into this website to learn who your MP is https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en 

Yes, we will be hosting a series of webinars and workshops throughout the year. To receive reminders on our latest webinars and workshops, subscribe to our mailing list.

Yes, as part of Startup Gov, Startup Canada historically hosted a large style conference in Ottawa during BDC’s Small Business Week™, called Startup Day on the Hill. This year, we have decided to activate that event once again on October 20, along with other activities throughout the year.

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