About Startup Gov

What is it?

Startup Gov (formerly Startup Canada Day on the Hill) is an annual national entrepreneurship program convening entrepreneurs, innovators, industry executives, and government representatives to raise the bar for Canada as a globally competitive and innovative nation.

An entrepreneurial culture needs to be nurtured from the grassroots-driven by entrepreneurs—and supported by both the private and public sector. Coordination and a strong commitment to work in partnership with those driving change at the grassroots will accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in Canada and abroad.

How we do it

Startup Gov is where valuable partnerships are made. We engage the entire ecosystem to connect, communicate, and collaborate; a commitment to better serving Canadian entrepreneurs and feeding a vibrant entrepreneurial network.

Connect with government through coast to coast to coast meetings

This is your chance to connect with elected officials and Members of Parliament, as well as project your voice as an entrepreneurial leader in your community. During these town halls, you’ll have an opportunity to connect directly with government leaders, voice your concerns, and advance collaborative efforts between the government and the local entrepreneurship ecosystem you’re a part of. This is your chance to have your voice heard. 

We know navigating funding, grants, resources, and programming can be a challenge. We’re connecting you with advisors and experts who can help walk you through the process. 

It’s time to put Canadians on the global stage. Entrepreneurs are invited to connect with global entrepreneurship ecosystems, discuss challenges and opportunities, and come together as a global community that supports entrepreneurs to succeed.

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