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About Business Owner’s Toolbox

What is it?

The Business Owner’s Toolbox (BOT) is a central hub that provides a comprehensive package of foundational knowledge, access points, and resources required to start and scale a business in Canada.

Why BOT?

After listening to hundreds of leading entrepreneurs in our network, we identified the need of an interactive platform that provides foundational knowledge to entrepreneurs as well as relevant connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From incorporation guidance to eliciting connections between entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors, the Business Owner’s Toolbox provides the resources that startups need to start, all in one place.


The Journey

BOT comprises nine easy-to-understand modules that will walk entrepreneurs through the journey of having a foolproof business plan. These educational modules will have tons of resources, tips and tricks, and access points shared by leading entrepreneurs from coast to coast to coast. 


The Business Owner’s Toolbox is a one-stop-shop for all entrepreneurs struggling to find and utilize the right information, resources and support.

- Naina Kansal, Entrepreneur Success Manager

We know that Canada’s aspiring and existing entrepreneurs have the ideas, passion and drive to succeed in our entrepreneurial landscape. What they don’t have is access to streamlined resources that will accelerate their business through the foundational elements. We are helping every founder navigate the support that exists across the entire ecosystem through one solution: Business Owner’s Toolbox.

- Kayla Isabelle, CEO

Module Breakdown

BOT is comprised of 9 modules full of insights and resources to guide you in your entrepreneurial journey. Learn more about what to expect in each of them below.


Find out how to create a business model canvas and how to validate your business model by doing market research.

Business Structures

Learn about different business structures and the steps involved in incorporating your business.


Understand the importance of insurance, and the ins and outs of finding the perfect insurance plan for your business.


Find a comprehensive guide that breaks down the fundamentals of business law and related terminology.

Sales & Marketing

Read a step-by step guide to create your marketing plan and digitize your business.

Human Resources

Discover best practices for recruiting and employment.


Learn about the fundamentals of accounting, banking and financing options for your business.


Uncover a foolproof process to design your pitch deck.


Create a shipping strategy and take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend this order for entrepreneurs currently in the ideation phase. However, if you need help in one specific area, feel free to access that module directly. 

At the moment, the content is in English, in the future, we aim to make it available in both official languages.

Yes, you can log in using your existing account. You will be prompted to answer a few additional questions the first time you log in.

Yes, 100% free.

Not necessarily, each element in the Business owner’s toolbox is open to every aspiring, emerging and/or established entrepreneur, no matter what stage you’re in.

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