#StartupChats Recap | Demystifying TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Video Content Marketing

Nearly 50% of TikTok users said they’d purchased something after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed on the app. Video content marketing is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for marketers to reach new segments of customers and generate brand awareness. On Monday, June 26, we hosted a #StartupChats discussion on best practices for businesses looking to get into TikTok, Instagram Reels, and short-form video marketing. This #StartupChats discussion was presented by our partners at Mastercard. 

Hosted by Startup Canada’s Marketing Officer, Nadia Ladak, we were joined by Kyle Moore, Acceleration Coordinator at League of Innovators and Melissa Mendes, Social Media Manager at ApplyBoard.

Our experts offered incredible tips and resources on how to build your video marketing strategy and tips to create high-performing content! Some of their key insights included:

  • Kyle: The best way to approach video marketing is to think about telling a story. Nowadays, consumers like to support brands that align with their values. There’s a trend toward founders “building in public.” They share the behind-the-scenes of how they’re building their company and getting their customers and communities involved.
  • Melissa: You have to test different types of content. Does your customer like “how-to videos”? Do they like “day in the life” videos? Don’t give up after trying one type of content. Doing well on video marketing platforms requires consistency and posting frequently.
  • Kyle: You have to make sure you’re looking at video marketing as part of your overall funnel. It’s great if a video went viral and got a lot of views, but is it actually bringing in new customers and community members?
  • Melissa: When it comes to measuring the success of video marketing, I like to look beyond views and likes. It’s important to look at metrics such as shares and saves. This shows you’re creating engaging content that is valuable to your community. 
  • Kyle: People have such short attention spans. You have to create an effective hook that captures people in the first three seconds of your video. Some effective hooks include: “x ways to,” “x reasons why,” “why you should,” or “the ultimate guide to.”
  • Melissa: Your audience wants a two-way conversation. It’s not enough to just post videos. Reply to comments and engage with your community throughout the process. Remember to showcase your brand and values through your content.

Resources on Content Marketing:

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