Startup Women Advocacy Network (SWAN)

A curated group of 13 woman-identifying early-stage entrepreneurs who advocate and champion the needs of women entrepreneurs from coast to coast to coast.

How it all began

There is a lack of awareness and storytelling of early-stage, woman-identifying entrepreneurs in Canada. As a national convener and true to our core values, we want to connect entrepreneurs with the support they need to help tackle this gap.

Thus, SWAN has 13 early-stage, woman-identifying entrepreneurs from each province and territory to champion the needs of women entrepreneurship throughout the whole year. SWAN members can amplify their business through our platforms and are given exclusive opportunities to have a seat at important government roundtables and other events that are crucial to creating change.

This is just the beginning. The hope behind SWAN is to create an ever-growing network of champions in each Canadian province and territory to ultimately increase the visibility and voice of early-stage, woman-identifying entrepreneurs.

Where you can find them

Our SWAN network is available and prevalent in each and every province and territory. Find your SWAN provincial or territorial representative today to see how they can help champion your needs.

Perks of being in SWAN

Curated internally by the Startup Canada team, SWAN is a group of 13 early-stage, woman-identifying entrepreneurs who advocate the importance of women entrepreneurship. Alongside this, we offer support to all of our SWAN representatives throughout the year:

• A spotlight from Startup Canada showcasing their story with our community and network
• Exclusive access to participate in our Startup Gov roundtables and share their perspectives with government officials
• Speaking opportunities at Startup Women events and additional digital program integrations (Startup Canada Podcast, Startup Women Podcast, #StartupChats)
• An invite to attend Startup Canada’s special hybrid event in Ottawa to meet and network with Startup Canada’s partners, engage with policy makers, and experience the Startup Global Pitch Competition Grand Finale

The faces of SWAN

See all of our chosen SWAN representatives this year and get in contact to see how they can help advocate for your needs.