Mallory Yawnghwe

Founder & CEO, Indigenous Box Inc.

About Mallory Yawnghwe

Guided by great purpose, this formerly shy and nervous rez girl has accomplished things that she never could have believed possible. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management, competed at the Young Entrepreneurs Symposium, attended the Coady Institutes Indigenous Women in Community leadership program, as a student, as alumni, and now staff; She’s honed her Supply Chain skills building schools and hospitals for the Government of Alberta, shared her knowledge and her community ties as a consultant for projects such as the Royal Alberta Museum’s Human History Exhibit and Fort Edmonton’s Indigenous People’s Experience. She’s helped raise over a million dollars for the Circle of Abundance in collaboration with a group of her mentors, peers (and Ryan Reynolds), and started an Executive MBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership. Now, after years of preparation, she’s taken on her biggest challenge yet: Indigenous Box.


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About the business

Indigenous Box Inc.

Indigenous Box’s mission is to promote and elevate the good work being done by Indigenous Entrepreneurs. They champion Indigenous people’s true legacy: their ingenuity; their resourcefulness; their industriousness; their intentionality; their purposefulness; their ability; their cooperation; their greatness.

They are guided by values based on the teachings of shared abundance through reciprocity and connectedness. At their core is a commitment to transparency, fairness, humility, continuous learning, and bold action.

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