Startup Canada Launches Second Phase of the Canada-Israel Women Entrepreneurs Program

OTTAWA, ON – Startup Canada is excited to launch the second phase of the Canada-Israel Women Entrepreneurs Program in partnership with the Embassy of Israel. This program aims to further promote, celebrate, and educate the startup community on the importance of women entrepreneurship globally.

As part of this program to highlight women entrepreneurs from both economies, Startup Canada and the Embassy of Israel will be hosting a Canada-Israel Joint Pitch Competition as well as a day-in-the-life Instagram campaign.


Canada-Israel Joint Pitch Competition

Women-led startups from Canada and Israel are invited to apply to win one of four cash prizes worth $2,000 CAD each, as well as gain valuable mentorship guidance from trusted advisors throughout the whole process.

Ultimately, the judging criteria will focus on answering one important question: What is the overall contribution of your business to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Register for the Grand Finale on November 25 to see who will win this year’s pitch competition! For more information about eligibility, you can visit Canada-Israel Joint Pitch Competition.


Day-in-the-life Instagram Campaign

Building on the success of the first phase of this program, Startup Canada will be showcasing and spotlighting 6 women entrepreneurs from either Canada or Israel (who are also past program participants). Hosted through Instagram stories, this initiative aims to not only highlight the similarities and differences between the two economies, but to also amplify the incredible stories of what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur. Be sure to follow Startup Canada’s Instagram account to stay updated on when the stories come out.

Take an early dive into these stories by listening to the special Startup Women Podcast episode featuring Adi Paz (CEO and Founder at OnTime) in Israel, and Natasha Morano (Corporate & Government Affairs Director at Startup Canada) in Canada.


About the Canada-Israel Women Entrepreneurs Program

When the project began, both Canada and Israel were included in the top 5 markets for women entrepreneurs based on supporting conditions and opportunities to thrive according to the third edition of the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs. With this as the impetus behind the partnership, Startup Canada and the Embassy of Israel were delighted to conceptualize this program to further promote, celebrate, and educate the startup community on the importance of women entrepreneurship globally. Since the launch of this project, the most recent report revealed that Israel has moved to first place and Canada has dropped to 7th.

The first phase of this program included four robust closed-door roundtable working sessions, as well as multiple survey and peer-to-peer meetings. This resulted in a final summary report which identified four main topics that requires additional support and exploration:

  1. Increase access to funding and capital
  2. Overcome societal barriers, expectations, and influence
  3. Foster women’s representation and inclusion in decision-making processes, as well as positions of authority in the public and private sector
  4. Increase mentorship opportunities

Now, it is time to put recommendations into action. Stemming from the final report during the first phase of the program, two practical solutions were developed and will be implemented in the second phase, i.e. the Canada-Israel Joint Pitch Competition and the Day-in-the-Life Instagram Campaign. Startup Canada and the Embassy of Israel look forward to further supporting women entrepreneurs, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, to start and scale thriving businesses.


About the Embassy of Israel in Canada

The Embassy of Israel in Canada’s mission is to promote a strong, mutually beneficial cooperation between Israel and our Canadian partners at all levels of government as well as maintaining and strengthening the diplomatic ties between both countries. For over 70 years of diplomatic relations, founded on shared values such as equality, multiculturalism, diplomacy and a strong democratic process, the Embassy has continued to work with community organizers and local partners in government, the arts, high-tech, innovation, and other crucial fields to maintain a productive exchange of unique strengths and qualities, further enhancing the friendship between Israel and Canada.


About Startup Canada

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