Canada-Israel Joint Pitch Competition

We were delighted to partner with the Embassy of Israel to further promote, celebrate and educate the startup community on the importance of women entrepreneurship globally.

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Eligibility criteria

Our judging criteria were focused on answering one important question, “What is the overall contribution of your business to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?” To help answer this question, our panel of judges assessed the businesses under the following criteria.


Be innovative in nature and provide value-added solutions which can include introducing a new product or service, or a developing an existing product or service to meet current market needs.


Be as sustainability-driven as possible within all facets of your business, from product design to business operations to strategy.


Be scalable: to have potential for international growth and potential to be applied in corporations and destinations (countries, regions).

Business Plan

Have a tested pilot and business plan that includes key results, learnings, forecasts, and projections.


Have a dedicated team that will provide industry experience, key relationships, and shares your passion toward your business's mission.

United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

This competition was based on the 17 SDGs Click the button below to learn more about the SDGs and to see all categories.

Learn about the SDGs

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