Startup Canada’s Ultimate Resource Guide Collection for Entrepreneurs

Startup Canada is the gateway to Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem! We’re here to point you in the right direction, eliminate barriers, and champion your needs to private and public sector partners. A big part of this is connecting you with support organizations and programs from across the country that can help you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Below, you will find a guide to our top resources for Canadian entrepreneurs. From support for 2SLGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs to organizations that can help you export your business, we have a guide for you!

  • 2SLGBTQIA+ Resource Guide: This guide is co-presented by CGLCC and Startup Canada. Directed by CGLCC’s expert knowledge and curated by Startup Canada, we are proud to assemble and present this resource guide for 2SLGBTQIA+ founders across the country. Within this resource guide, you can access documents, videos, spreadsheets, infographics, and more submitted by CGLCC, Egale Canada, TransFocus Consulting, Futurpreneur, and more organizations to come. 
  • Resources for Indigenous Entrepreneurs: There are over 50,000 Indigenous-owned businesses across Canada, contributing $48.9 billion annually to the country’s economy. Despite this, the majority of Indigenous entrepreneurs rely on their personal savings to start and build their businesses and face continuous barriers to support and funding. We’ve put together a list of resources and organizations offering support and tools to help Indigenous entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.
  • Support Organizations Helping Women Entrepreneurs: Did you know that only 17% of Canadian small businesses are owned by women? At Startup Canada, we know that when you support women, you support a nation! We’ve put together a guide highlighting entrepreneur support organizations working to help women entrepreneurs thrive 365 days a year.
  • Resources for Black Entrepreneurs: Did you know that only 56% of Black entrepreneurs in Canada said they were able to pay themselves in 2022? With limited access to seed capital, we need to close these gaps for Black entrepreneurs in Canada. Check out the 2024 version of our resource guide for Black entrepreneurs in Canada.
  • 10 Organizations to Help You Export Your Business: Exporting and expanding to international markets is an exciting milestone in a startup’s growth journey. However, it often comes with challenges. If you’re thinking of starting to export but are struggling with where to start, we compiled a list of 10 organizations across Canada with dedicated exporting programs, resources, and support to help guide you when expanding to new markets.
  • Startup Women Resource Guide: We’ve compiled a resource guide to connect women-identifying entrepreneurs with funding, training, events, and other programming available to support them locally, regionally, and nationally. 
  • Startup Global Resource Guide: We’re committed to supporting you at every point of your journey to go global! That’s why we’ve updated and enhanced our resource guide, which will take you through the fundamental stages of exporting. This resource guide includes national resources from across the country, with resources available in both English and French.
  • Startup Gov Resource Guide: As part of Startup Gov, a comprehensive government relations toolkit was developed to provide entrepreneurs with foundational government relations tools and support them with their own advocacy efforts. Additionally, we have pulled some helpful links to help entrepreneurs find programs and services that can aid them in their entrepreneurial journey.

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