Fresh Face, Same Place

We’re looking a little different, aren’t we? Don’t worry. We might’ve spruced up, but we’re still a group of passionate individuals working behind-the-scenes to ensure that we’re connecting you with the right resources, opportunities, and community that you need.


Why here and why now?

We know that change is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary. The entrepreneurial landscape is ever-changing and in order to ensure that we can best serve you and the wider community, we need to move with that change too. Since our inception back in 2012, we’ve made a lot of progress such as working with leading industry partners, cultivating a new leadership team, and organizing more programs and opportunities, to name a few. There’s a lot to unpack, so let us take you through the changes that matter most.


Startup Canada here, there—everywhere

Entrepreneurship is a core facet of Canada’s economic growth, but we’ve found that there’s often a gap between entrepreneurs and the opportunities available to help start and scale their business. That’s where we come in. Startup Canada is here to connect entrepreneurs with the support, community, and tools they need to build a successful business in Canada.

But with what goal in mind? Simple. To make Canada the best place to start and build a business. We wholeheartedly believe that our Great White North is full of opportunity and potential. That’s why we’re committed to blending our mission and values into everything we do. From scaling national programs to posting success stories on social media, we want to ensure that the core of Startup Canada is ingrained in every single piece of our work.


Fostering a new culture of leadership

There’s a new crew at the helm and we’re ready to steer Startup Canada. As one team, we set the bar high and lift each other to grow together in the pursuit of our mission. We go above and beyond simply showing up, we bring our best work to the table every day. But this isn’t the end. Our team is always expanding and keeping an eye out for new talent to join us in achieving our vision.


Clean, concise, and clear

A wardrobe change was long overdue. We’ve redesigned how we want the world to see us. Our new look cuts out all the bells and whistles that are normally thrown at you. Instead, we lay out and bring you the fundamentals because we know your time is precious. You might see some changes across our social media too, such as our Instagram. While the world has shifted and continues to pivot into the digital space, it’s important to us that we remain as accessible as possible so that our content can be reached and understood by anyone from anywhere.


Better for you, better for us

There’s a lot going on at Startup Canada, trust us we know. Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we made things easier for both you and us. While we’re keeping #StartupChats, Startup Canada Podcast, and Startup Women Podcast, we’ve rebranded and consolidated our other initiatives into four key flagship programs:

  • Startup Communities: Our grassroots networks that fuels a culture and environment for entrepreneurship at the local and industry level.
  • Startup Global: Formerly known as the Canadian Export Challenge (CXC), we’ll get you ready to go global and export-ready by connecting you with tools, advisory support and funding that is supported by our global growth ecosystem.
  • Startup Gov: Giving every entrepreneur a voice to the government to create the conditions necessary for entrepreneurial success in Canada.
  • Startup Women: Helping women entrepreneurs through mentorship, events, and resources. Because when you support women, you support a nation.

In fact, we’ll be launching our new Startup Global program soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on when the portal will be available as well as any one of our other programs.


And that’s it! We hope that you’re just as excited as we are while we take this next big step forward. Thank you for your continuous support of our programs, events, and content. In 2020, we had the honour of being a part of more than 122,000 entrepreneur journeys to start and scale up their business, we can’t wait to support even more startups as Canada’s leading entrepreneurship organization.