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Scaling a business is always top of mind. That’s why it’s important to have a process implemented to ensure that you’re scaling efficiently. Angad Singh and Prabhpahul Singh think so too. After starting their business the Lean Suite a few months ago, they are on a mission to simplify and accelerate the implementation of continuous improvement programs and instill the lean culture through easy-to-use digital solutions. With their solutions, it allows companies to provide similar results with less resources.


What does Asian Heritage Month mean to you?

“As a proud Canadian of South Asian descent, a celebration of all diversity of all Asian cultures is what Asian Heritage Month means for me. Asian culture is so diverse, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about other Asian communities and cultures, and their invaluable contributions to the society.”


What’s one of your most proudest moments as an entrepreneur?

“The proudest moment for us was when we closed on our first deal. It gave us the confidence to keep going.”


What is one of the biggest and/or most difficult lesson you’ve had to learn as an entrepreneur?

Angad Singh and his co-founder working on The LeanSuite

“Most entrepreneurial journeys start with friends getting together to start a new business. Each partner is very excited and we are ready to win the world. At that time, we often neglect the most important part, which is defining an operating agreement between all the partners with some key milestones and vesting rules. As things progress in business, sometimes things don’t always turn out as expected or planned, and partners start losing interest which is not good for business. Having an operating agreement in place helps to continue the business if you still want to run it and still believe in the market. The easiest time to build an operating agreement is when you are just getting started because everyone is on the same page.”


What’s one piece of advice that you would give to yourself when you were first starting your business?

“One thing that really helped in defining our path was joining a startup community early on. We have been part of the EDGE community at Sheridan which has been an incredible help. We have been able to get access to so many connections and resources which would have been impossible otherwise. Join an incubator early on so you are surrounded by likeminded people who can help each other grow faster.


This piece is part of Startup Canada’s wider campaign to celebrate and honour Asian Heritage Month. Find more entrepreneur stories such as Angad’s in our full list of Asian entrepreneurs who are shaking up Canada.