#StartupChats Recap – Diversity and Inclusion for Startups

On Wednesday, June 22nd, we hosted #StartupChats to talk about diversity and inclusion for startups.

An incredible panel of experts joined us to share their knowledge and provide valuable advice throughout the hour:

  • Dr Helen Ofosu, I/O Advisory Services Inc
  • Andrea Pohlmann, Cheekbone Beauty
  • Cydney Mar, Product Development Strategist
  • Zoey Schvan, Disabled Entrepreneur Coach
  • Harar Hall, Quake Lab
  • Kai Scott, TransFocused
  • Chett Bradley, Egale Canada
  • Nicole Jones Crosley, Futurpreneur
  • Nunzio Presta, Buy And Sell A Business
  • Darrell Schuurman, the CGLCC
  • Nancy Beth Guptill, Startup PEI

What are companies struggling with when it comes to diversity and inclusion?



How can you ensure there is diversity on your team and within your organization?


Why does diversity matter?



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