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Although women in Canada now represent 47 percent of Canadian business owners and contribute $148 billion in economic activity, they continuously face barriers to accessing capital to start and scale their businesses. This gap is particularly exposed when looking at female entrepreneurs in STEM fields.

Entrepreneurship is a catalyst for economic growth in many countries. Equally as important is the critical role that women play in the growth of an economy.

Startup Canada has partnered with Evolocity Financial Group to invest in women-led companies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) through the Startup Canada Women Founders Fund, providing micro-grants to women entrepreneurs and women-led companies in Canada to help them start and grow their businesses while accelerating gender parity and further unleash the economic potential of women. 


Join us on October 18 at Startup Canada Day on the Hill to find out who the winner will be!

  • $4,000 to $5,000 grants to support business operations or business growth opportunities.
  • Featured on and a guest-spot on THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Applicants must be women entrepreneurs or women-led businesses.
  • Applicants must be in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field.
  • Applicants must be based in Canada.
  • Funds must be used to support business operations or access to business or professional growth opportunities.
  • Impact statement on the use of the funds.
  • Proven business model with evidenced traction.
  • Confirmation that the opportunity would be missed without this investment.
  • Agree to complete an impact assessment.
  • Agree to leverage the hashtag #StartupWomen and recognize the sponsors in associated marketing efforts.
  • Deadline – September 15 , 2018
  • Adjudication Period – October, 2018
  • Announce Recipients – October 15, 2018


2017 Recipients

  • Eve Medical, a medical device company that provides women’s health screening kits. (Co-Founder and CEO Jessica Ching)
  • Awake Labs, is using AI to care for brain and mental health disorders. (CEO Andrea Palmer)
  • SportFitz, is a Smart Solution to measure, monitor and manage impacts to the brain. (Founder and CEO Diane Matyas)

2016 Recipients

  • Spreza, a transcription company that provides automatic speech to text and live captioning. (Co-Founder Heather Evans)
  • Welbi, a platform that helps families take care of their elderly loved ones. (Co-Founder Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau)
  • YUMiBOX, a subscription box that sells products to support diabetic blood sugar control. (Co-founders Mengyin Hong and Zoey Li)
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