Startup Women Events

Throughout the year, Startup Canada will host webinars and Industry Advisory Circles designed to connect you with leading industry experts and to give you access to practical resources. Grab your opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs in your industry and join Canada’s wider women entrepreneurship community.


From Fundraising 101 to Know Your Worth, our mix of panel discussions and workshops are geared for early-stage entrepreneurs. Check out what we have planned this year and remember to reserve your spot!

Event Description: Taking the plunge into funding can be intimidating, especially for early-stage women entrepreneurs! In fact, gender imbalance is still very much prevalent in venture capitalism, with 65% of U.S. venture capital firms lacking in female partners and only a mere 9.5% of decision-making positions in venture capital firms are held by women. That’s why we’ve set up a stellar panel to talk through the different grants and funding options available to women entrepreneurs in Canada, how to choose the route that best suits you and your business, discuss on-going barriers, and how we can help bring change from the top down.

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Event Description: For any entrepreneur first starting out, it can be difficult navigating the legal side of the business and knowing what’s best for you. But have no fear! This webinar will take you through the practical steps you can take when starting your business to ensure protection for both you and your business, as well as sustainability for your future.

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Date: Wednesday July 27, 2022

Event Description: As a founder, you become your business’ first ambassador. Creating your own personal brand forms trust with your audience, helps broaden your network, and builds a lasting platform for you as your business evolves. This webinar will equip you with the tools to map out your personal brand and identify what distinguishes you from your competition. Register today and learn how to leverage your personal brand to bring your business more exposure.

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Date: Wednesday September 28, 2022

Event Description: Entrepreneurship is not a solo endeavor. It’s important to build a community of people around you who can offer you advice and support to help you in achieving your goals. In this webinar, we’ll provide a wide range of communities and organizations across Canada that cater to women entrepreneurs from different regions, industries, and demographic backgrounds. Come to listen to the array of support organizations available in Canada and how they are building their communities.

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Date: Wednesday November 30, 2022

Event Description: Negotiation is an integral skill every business owner should have in their toolbox, whether it’s negotiating with a manufacturer, with an investor, or even with a customer. But, historically, negotiation is a collective experience that women have struggled with unlike their male counterparts. Come register for this webinar to equip yourself with the tools and strategies to successfully and confidently negotiate your next deal.

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Industry Advisory Circles

These 2-hour virtual meetups are held once a month to give early-stage woman-identified entrepreneurs all across Canada the community and support they need. Hosted by a subject matter expert, these circles facilitate a discussion with 2-3 other panellists followed by a Q&A section. Some of these circles will feature mentors from the program, giving you the chance to connect with and learn from leading late-stage entrepreneurs.