The THRIVE Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs is all about supporting YOU to start and build a thriving business. On THRIVE, we connect you with leading experts, entrepreneurs, and organizations that provide capital, mentorship, training, tools and other support to help you to make your vision reality, faster.

The THRIVE podcast is a production of Startup Canada, Canada’s entrepreneurship organization, supporting Canada’s entrepreneurs to succeed. This podcast is presented in partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank.

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The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion with Sharon Nyangweso – August 15th 2019

Sharon Nyangweso is an international digital communications and inclusions consultant. Sharon’s work is centered around using design principles to solve inclusion in organizations, community initiatives, and projects by helping to advance their visions for inclusivity from aspirations to action. “If diversity is a picture, then inclusion is stepping away from the picture and getting a great understanding of how the picture came to be”. In this week’s episode, Komal speaks to Sharon about diversity, inclusion and the difference between the two.

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Capital, Mentorship and Education for Women Entrepreneurs with Gillian Riley – August 8th 2019

Gillian Riley is President and CEO of Tangerine Bank and is working to build and execute the strategies behind Tangerine Bank, positioning the bank as Canada’s leading digital bank.  In addition to growing Tangerine’s customer base, Gillian is spearheading Scotiabank’s Women Initiative.

“I have always been committed to women entrepreneurs.”

In this week’s episode of the #ThrivePodcast, our host Komal Minhas and Gillian Riley discuss the importance of grit, tenacity and working towards your goals, as well as the supports available to women entrepreneurs across Canada, through Scotiabank’s Women Initiative.

Nurturing Local Businesses through Collaboration with Chantal Sarkisian – August 1st 2019

Chantal is a seasoned marketing and communications creative with expertise in business, digital strategy, and social media. Using her outgoing personality and the power of social media, Chantal has grown an engaged and vibrant audiences on channels such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. “It’s very important to know who your audience is, know where they are, and match that with the business you are working with.” In this week’s #ThrivePodcast, Komal and Chantal discuss how to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships and strategic partnerships, while supporting local companies and empowering women.

Building Businesses through Efficiencies and Solutions with Kara Morgan – July 25th 2019

At Plan It! Outsourcing Solutions, Kara and her team work with businesses to uncover operational inefficiencies and gaps in processes to replace chaos with order. By approaching problems holistically and beginning at the source of these issues, Kara builds strong foundations so organizations can regain control over their time, workflow, efforts and earnings. “Where other people would see problems, I would always see solutions” In this week’s episode, our host Komal talks to Kara about finding efficiencies, solutions in our workplace, and in the world of entrepreneurship.


Creating Corporate Change through Wellness with Farah Saad – July 18th 2019

With over six years of sales experience working at various large corporations like PepsiCo Beverages Canada and Maple Leaf Foods, Farah knows firsthand the stress and high anxiety employees feel on a daily basis. My identity was identified by external validation. I measured my success but the titles I held, to the amount of money I was making”. In this week’s #ThrivePodcast with host Komal Minhas, hear how Farah’s own experiences with stress, anxiety, and burnout, have motivated her towards changing the corporate culture in North America through her work as Founder and CEO of Be Kalm Mindfulness Consulting Co. 

Supporting The Global Ambitions of Women Entrepreneurs with Jennifer Cooke – July 10th 2019

Jennifer Cooke joined Export Development Canada in 2010 to pursue her passion of working directly with Canadian entrepreneurs and their companies to help them succeed in international markets.In her role as the Corporate Lead for EDC’s Women in Trade Strategy, 100% of Jennifer’s time is focused specifically on helping more women entrepreneurs export to grow their business. “Where some see uncertainty, others see confidence”. In this week’s #ThrivePodcast episode, Jennifer and Komal discuss entering new markets, and the supports available to women entrepreneurs from EDC.

Unlocking New Capital for Women Entrepreneurs with Jill Earthy – July 4th 2019

Jill is an entrepreneurially minded leader who believes diversity drives innovation. As the Head of Female Funders, Jill is empowering female leaders to become investors in early-stage companies through education and access. “A lot of the investors in the space, don’t look like us”. In this week’s episode, Jill and Komal discuss the importance of diversity, inclusion, and education in the investment and tech ecosystem.

Connections, Support and Accelerations for Women in Technology with Justine Marchand – June 27 2019

Justine Marchand is a Québec-based operational leader who in 2018 joined TechStars, one of the world’s top-rated startup accelerators as a Program Manager for the Montréal AI Program. Justine’s day-to-day includes making sure founders get the most out of their time during the TechStars program, working with the global Techstars network to support founders on their entrepreneurial journey. “Entrepreneurs meet a lot of mentors, and receive a lot of feedback.” In this week’s Thrive podcast, Justine and Komal discuss the TechStars and Montréal AI program, and how Techstars supports women entrepreneurs.  

Being The Best Brand You Can Be with Leisse Wilcox – June 13 2019

Leisse refers to herself as a professional human and has successfully built a positive and encouraging brand which she calls Emotional Alchemy. As a coach, entrepreneur, mother, and breast cancer survivor, Leisse is passionate about turning ugly experiences into beautiful new beginnings.”I started writing a blog, now it has transformed itself into this empowering brand of mine that I use to help entrepreneurs really change their lives”.  In today’s show, we will talk to Leissee about finding clarity and confidence in entrepreneurship and how to kick imposter syndrome. 

Presenting Impactful Pitches with Amber Mac- June 13 2019

Amber is the President of AmberMac Media and Amber embodies the spirit of innovation with an interest in the internet of things, AI, and everything tech. Amber appears regularly on networks like CNN, Bloomberg, and Sirius XM and is the author of her national bestselling book called Power Friending. She’s also a co-author of Outsmarting Your Kids Online, a book all about internet safety for kids. “Video can be the most compelling type of content to put out there.”  In this week’s #ThrivePodcast, Amber talks about business milestones, the importance of digital adoption for business success, and using video to present impactful pitches.

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