#StartupChats Recap – Voices for Canadian Entrepreneurs

On Wednesday, November 24th, we hosted #StartupChats to talk about (and to) Voices for Canadian Entrepreneurs with Meltwater. 

We were joined by a panel of great experts in the media, personal branding, content and public relations space;

Alana Simpson, PR Strategist

Thi Dao, Partnerships Manager, The Future of Good

Reagan Bradley, Personal Branding Strategist

Lauren Hicks, Digital Programs Content Manager, Startup Canada

Nicole Lively, Marketing Director, Meltwater

Sissi De Flaviis, Reporter and Storyteller, CBC Yukon

Is a strong brand or story important when approaching the media?

A2 In journalism we don’t fully care if you picked the right colours or font for your logo. What we cared about the most is WHO you are and WHAT you’re doing. If you can clearly communicate that with your brand you’re set👌 #startupchats

— Sissi De Flaviis (@sissideflaviis) November 24, 2021

What do relationship building and nurturing look like in this space?


So, what makes a story stand out? How can entrepreneurs capture the attention of the media?