Spotlighting and Scaling Black Businesses with Nerissa Allen

Episode Overview

Nerissa is the President and CEO of the Black Business Association of BC where she champions initiatives to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

After a twenty year career with the federal government, combined with her own experience as an entrepreneur, Nerissa brings a unique perspective on tackling challenges.  Nerissa stays connected to her community as a director with the Barbados Cultural Association of British Columbia, allowing  her to drive the community forward with a business focused lens, helping to build economic strength and sustainability. 

“My wish is that we don’t have to have separate programs in order to meet the needs and break the barriers of systemic racism that is plaguing policies and institutions.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and Scotiabank, we talk to Nerissa Allen about why spotlighting founders is important, and how the Black Business Association of BC supports Black entrepreneurs to help them scale. 

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