Pow Wow Pitch

Spotlighting Indigenous Entrepreneurs

A Startup Canada Digital Docu-Series in partnership with BDC

Watch the Pow Wow Pitch Founder and Host Sunshine Tenasco as she showcased six Indigenous entrepreneurs who pitched their companies at the 2017 Pow Wow Pitch at the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival.

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Official Partner

Jennifer Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty

Ethically sourced and high-quality beauty products, investing revenues into First Nation’s Communities, she’s fighting injustice and creating hope for Indigenous peoples one lipstick at a time.

Paul Owl, Founder of TreeTeas Brewing

Driven by social conscience and a passion for helping Indigenous youth, this full-flavored natural tea company is making a positive impact

Pamela Naponse, Founder of Nish Scon

Easy-to-make Nish Scon is this entrepreneur’s answer to becoming her own boss while sharing Indigenous food and culture.

Tyson Wesley, Founder of Northern Shipping Company

Revolutionizing food distribution on reserves and the remote North, this entrepreneur is making food more accessible and affordable.

Jay Soule, Founder of Chippewar

This limited-edition art and clothing company is fiercely political; encouraging Indigenous youth to explore creative industries and have a voice.

Anna Cote, Founder of Birch Bite

Teaching others the traditional healing powers of food, this food and preparation and delivery service is improving the quality of life on reserves.

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