Award-winning entrepreneur host Dr. Sean Wise, professor of entrepreneurship at Ryerson University, talks to leading entrepreneurs and investors to help entrepreneurs finance their businesses.

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Building a Fortune 500 with Randy Cass – February 25 2019

Randy Cass is an investment portfolio manager, who’s been in the industry over 15 years. He is also the founder and CEO of Nest Wealth, an innovative fintech based on robo-advisors that gives investors more personalize and transparent wealth management solutions. “It was just one day of recognition that someone’s got to do something,” says Randy. “For me, doing something was building a product with the ultimate goal of letting the investors in Canada be as best served as they can possibly be.” Randy’s previous company, First Coverage, won multiple awards as a top start-up including a financial services Morningstar award for best use of Technology in Canada before it was ultimately sold in 2011. Randy also hosted Market Sense on BNN between 2012 and 2014. And recently, Montreal’s National Bank invested six-million dollars to onboard Nest Wealth’s technology into their own portfolio management system. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Randy about the rise of FinTech and how robo advisors are innovating the way investors manage portfolios.

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Finding Funding for your Business with Mike Lee – February 11 2019

Mike Lee is the president of Fudica is Canada’s most successful traditional funding identification and connection platform. It which matches entrepreneurs, private investors, public funders and advisors through an award-winner crowdsourcing technology. Mike is also the President of R&D Partners, a leading R&D funding consultancy. Previously he was Director of Corporate Finance and Development in the BCE Group where he led several successful R&D software firm acquisitions and divestitures. Mike was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by CFO Canada and Quebec’s Top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs in 2013 by the Bronfman Foundation. In 2015, thanks to his leadership, Fundica received the 2015 Startup Canada Award for Entrepreneur Promotion – Quebec Region. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Mike about everything to do with funding and …

Start with Creating Value with Deborah Sweeney – January 21 2019

Deborah Sweeney is the CEO and Owner of MyCorporation, a complete online provider of filing services for small businesses and entrepreneurs for over twenty years. “Being an entrepreneur, being the master of my own destiny, that is where I found success,” Deborah is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who’s used her multifaceted background composed of law and business to lead MyCorporation to become one of the most trusted online filing companies. With a hard focus on customer experiences, Deborah works to ensure her services are fast and comprehensive, so entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best – running their business.In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Deborah about her incredible acquisition journey, business partnerships, and how she manages her business finances

Beyond Product and Profit with Margaux Khoury – January 7 2019

Margaux Khoury is the CEO of “The Best Deodorant In The World,” a company based in New Brunswick that she started out of her kitchen with her husband Joshua. She is a compassionate, heart-centered entrepreneur who operates by two very simple philosophies: “People over profit” and “Profit With a Purpose.” “When you’re talking about “people over profit,” it’s about respect,” says Margaux. “Having respect for life, that’s one of our core values. The profit will come eventually.” Margaux is committed to sustainability and her dedication to using natural ingredients has attracted celebrities, doctors, and influencers. Besides that, she recently wrote a book, Ultimate Guide to Organic Groceries with Football Star Tom Brady, Joanne Young and America’s Healthy Heart Doctor, Dr. Joel Kahn. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Margaux about her journey in financing a sustainable and environmentally-conscious company while living a unique lifestyle raising her three children off the grid in luxury.

Avoiding Financial Roadblocks with Janine Rogan – December 24 2018

Janine Rogan is a Calgary-based CPA and Personal Finance Expert at her namesake company, She is incredibly passionate about financial literacy and shares her wealth of knowledge to individuals and businesses across Canada. “Money doesn’t have to be scary and it shouldn’t really cause you stress,” says Janine. “Once your finances are under control, they can be used as a tool to help you achieve your goals and live a life you value and love.” In the past few years, Janine has written over 600 articles pertaining to personal finance, with expertise spanning from RESPs, RRSPs, investing, taxes, and home buying.In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Janine about how she’s helping Canadians take control of their finances and live a value based life.

Your Business as a Global Experience with Paul Gaspar – December 10, 2018

Paul is the Director of Small Business at UPS Canada, where he’s responsible for connecting and working with small businesses to educate and inform them on the many opportunities available to go global.“The one thing we’re not doing a good job at is beating our chest with that ‘made in Canada’ brand that we should be pushing for,” says Paul. “We need to start doing that.” With 27 years in the business, Paul is your go-to expert when it comes to leveraging logistics partnerships to strengthen your supply chains to grow your business. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Paul about how he’s assisting entrepreneurs in navigating the world of e-commerce, reducing shopping cart abandonment, and growing repeat sales.

Removing the Stigma of Debt with Patrice Mousseau – November 26, 2018

Patrice Mousseau is an Ojibway entrepreneur from Fort William First Nation, Ontario, who solved a market gap by creating a new line of organic skin care products out of her very own kitchen. Patrice Mousseau is the owner of company, Satya Organic Skin Care, which was developed out of the need to treat her baby daughter’s eczema. At the time, Patrice refused to treat her daughter’s condition with steroid cortisone creams, which led her to seek organic skin care solutions. “Entrepreneurship is a consistent challenge every day and it’s always different which I absolutely love,” says Patrice. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Patrice about her experiences with raising funds from the beginning to where she is now.

Toward the Cashless Economy with Iain McLean – November 12, 2018

Have you ever wondered what a cashless society will look like? Should your business even consider committing to electronic payments? “As we see better and better technology that make electronic payments faster, more convenient, and safer, we’ll see a greater acceleration of this displacement of cash,” says Iain McLean. Iain is the Senior Vice President of Market Development at Mastercard in Toronto. Moving to Canada in 2017, Iain formerly worked in Mastercard’s London office where he worked in business development,  mastering partnerships with merchants in the UK. Iain has an impressive background as he holds an MBA from Imperial College London, an MPhil in Bioinorganic Chemistry and a BSc Honours in Chemistry, both from the University of Newcastle. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Iain about the value of going cashless while diving into the value of acceptance.

Protecting your Business with Guy Charpentier – October 29, 2018

Guy Charpentier is the Manager of Customer Fraud Management at Mastercard. His day to day involves protecting Mastercard’s customers against global security breaches while following the latest fraud trends. “If you’re not investing in tools to protect yourself and not making yourself aware of the types of frauds and scams out there, then for sure you’re going to be victimized,” says Guy. Guy is also the Regional Lead for the Mastercard Global Risk Management Program. In this capacity, he performs in-depth reviews of both Customer and third-party risk management practices. The objective of the reviews is to ensure the safety and security of the Mastercard Payment Network and all participants for safe, profitable growth. In this week’s #FinancePodcast, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Guy about his fight against fraud and how he’s protecting small businesses.

Comparisons Made for Saving with Alyssa Furtado – October 15, 2018

Alyssa is the Co-Founder of Toronto’s Ratehub Inc which owns and operates, an online comparison platform for mortgage rates, credit cards, deposits, and insurance. “I was doing some consultancy previously in the U.S. in the financial services and we were seeing consumers starting to research the best products online,” says Alyssa. “When I came back to Canada, I realized that the same thing was happening here as well.” Fed up with the hold the big six banks have on Canada’s financial industry, Alyssa, with her co-founder, James Laird, decided to start the disruptive fintech giant and has recently made waves by raising a twelve million series A investment. In this week’s #StartupFinance, host Dr. Sean Wise talks to Alyssa about her big raise and what it takes to be a disruptor. 

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