Glass Half Full: Leadership in Hospitality with Ryan Moreno

Episode Overview

Ryan Moreno is the CEO and Co-Founder of Joseph Richard Group, a Canadian-based collection of unique hospitality ventures featuring more than 25 establishments.  Along with his co-founder, a best friend since elementary school, Ryan has always thrived in the restaurant and nightlife industry and since 2009, Joseph Richards Group has been growing and expanding.

Ryan has taken his business one step further by bringing his hospitality group virtual, establishing a series of virtual ghost kitchens. Now boasting more than 100 ghost kitchen restaurants, he continues to overcome challenges and remain a leader in his industry.
“I think sometimes it’s good to take a step back and be grateful for the opportunity to actually be able to do it.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and Scotiabank, Ryan Moreno talks about his early ventures in entrepreneurship, the responsibility of businesses to impact their communities, as well as the importance of listening to what your team has to say. 

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