Episode 169

Frustration as Fuel, Values for Decisions with Céline Leheurteux

Episode Overview

*Before listening to this episode, please know that this conversations references end of life for animals and pets and talks about the experiences of pet owners during these difficult times. We know this can be difficult to listen to. Please keep this in mind before listening to this episode if these topics are challenging for you. 

Celine was frustrated and unable to find a dignified alternative to the garbage bag often used for the disposal of deceased animals, this led her to create EUTHABAG. EUTHABAG honours the bond we have with our pets and ensures they depart with dignity. Designed in Canada, EUTHABAG is made with non-toxic materials, is tear-resistant, leakproof and adjustable and is used in 25 countries by thousands of owners and veterinarians. 

Celine is committed to improving the euthanasia experience for animals, their families and veterinary teams and professionals. In May 2021, Celine delivered a Tedx Talk in Montreal on the hidden face of veterinary medicine, shedding light on the financial costs of pet health.

Celine and her team are the winners of the 2021 Startup Global People’s Choice Award, presented by UPS. Based in Hemmingford, Quebec, Celine continues to work hard because she knows our pets deserve the best. 

“If you think something is not right, follow that instinct and listen to your gut. My values have become a guide for me to make decisions, otherwise, it is too complicated.” 

In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Céline Leheurteux tells the story of euthabag, the product she designed so pets can depart with dignity. Tune in to learn how frustration fuels Céline’s innovation and ideas and why it is so important for our decisions to be backed by our values.

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