Startup Global 2021 Semi-Finalists

Vote for your favourite business from the top 50 semi-finalists below to give them an extra shot at competing in the Grande Finale!

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Introducing Startup Global 2021 Semi-Finalists

People's Choice Award

Presented by UPS Canada

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One winner from this year’s top 50 semi-finalists will win $5,000 in prize funding and a spot in the Grand Finale to compete again for additional cash prizes up to $25,000. Check out the top 50 semi-finalists below and vote for your favourite business to help support them in going global!

Voting will be open until September 26th at 11:59 pm EST and each person can only vote once.

Top 25 Scale-ups

3F Waste Recovery Scale-up
A Friendlier Company Scale-up
B-Freecup Scale-up
Briefbid Scale-up
Chez Remit Scale-up
ChimeraXR Scale-up
Colour the Trails Scale-up
Convergence.Tech Scale-up
Daimlas Scale-up
Daydream Scale-up
Ergonomyx Scale-up
EuthaBag Scale-up
Evive Scale-up
Fan Fit Gaming Scale-up
Innotech Scale-up
Kind Laundry Scale-up
Knnct Scale-up
Nail Diva Scale-up
Newsly Scale-up
Nonavegan Scale-up
Off the Grid Scale-up
Project 1 Million by Divineity Scale-up
PV Tech Scale-up
ShapeShift3D Scale-up
Soft and Butter Scale-up

Top 25 Startups

Algi Foods Startup
Alt Tex Startup
B12Give Startup
Beautster Startup
Bidgala Startup
Decap Startup
Felicheeta Startup
Grace and Nelly Startup
IndiGrowth Startup
Inttradia Startup
Just Vertical Startup
Kanin Energy Startup
Kayan Startup
Krippit Startup
LeapGrad Startup
Marlow Startup
Oh Naturals Startup
PragmaClin Startup
Rumbly Startup
Solaires Enterprises Inc. Startup Startup
Tempin Startup
Troj AI Startup
What's the Plan Startup
Yukon 3D Solutions Startup
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Presented by UPS Canada, the Startup Global People's Choice Award offers one winner from our top 50 semi-finalists $5,000 and a spot to compete again in the Grand Finale.

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