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We’re passionate about support Yukon entrepreneurs.

Yukonstruct is home to a vibrant community of makers, entrepreneurs, creatives, startups and more. This diversity creates a rich environment for ideas and opportunities to spark. We’re proud to offer our members access to shared office space, meeting and event space, and a fully equipment makerspace for creating and prototyping. We also offer business support and validation programming and services to help you launch your idea.


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Community Leader

Lana Selbee

Lana Selbee is a passionate entrepreneur and nonprofit leader. She has previously run multiple businesses, including a retail store for ethically produced Canadian fashions, and a community-centered art gallery, before pursuing an MBA in Community Economic Development. She currently serves as the Executive Director for Yukonstruct Society. She is dedicated to supporting Yukon’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs to develop, validate and launch new companies and new ideas.

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