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Waterloo is Canada’s fastest-growing community and North America’s fastest-growing emerging talent market. The Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor – in which Waterloo is a key player – is a global tech hub. It’s the second largest tech cluster, second fastest growing tech talent market and second largest financial centre in North America.


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Jordan Jocius

Jordan Jocius is a creative based in Waterloo, home to Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies, where he launches 20-30 innovative tech startups every year as Waterloo-Toronto Director of Founder Institute the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator and headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Born a farmer, he helped turn his family farm business into an advertising and events company—Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show—and one of the largest outdoor trade shows in the world which sold to Glacier Media Group in 2011.

He has gone from growing farm businesses to now growing tech startups. He has a unique passion for helping founders grow disruptive tech startups through the farming practices of hard work, creativity, and pure grit.

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