Bronwyn Bridges

CEO & Co-Founder, PragmaClin

About Bronwyn Bridges

As Atlantic Canada’s 30 Under 30, Bronwyn Bridges is passionate about equal access to healthcare, neurodegenerative diseases, mental health awareness, and driving change through digital health solutions.

Bronwyn is the CEO and Co-founder of PragmaClin, a MedTech company that has developed a digital assessment tool for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. Bronwyn has helped to leverage over one million dollars in non-dilutive government funding and received over three hundred thousand dollars through pitch competition wins.

Bronwyn has published research about the Pathology of Parkinson’s Disease and the Potential Benefit of Dietary Polyphenols and has presented at several conferences on her work in the digital health space. She sits on the local Parkinson’s Disease board and the Academic Council at Memorial University.

She has won several awards over her research career such as Youth of the Year, Terry Fox Humanitarian Scholar, National Impact Award in AgeTech, and over a dozen awards within the past year for her accomplishments in the MedTech field and digital health space. Bronwyn has been named one of the top entrepreneurs in Canada as well as listed as top idea stage company in the world entrepreneurship cup, and the top early stage company to come out of a university. She has also participated in some of the top programs for entrepreneurs, such as Creative Destruction Lab, Canadian Tech Accelerators, Asian Pacific Foundation for Women Missions and more.


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About the business


PragmaClin Research Inc. aims to help patients with Parkinson’s Disease monitor their condition using our flagship software, PRIMS. PRIMS is a patient assessment tool for supporting neurologists in the clinic. PRIMS is an integrated system that monitors, analyses and rates Parkinson’s disease severity according to international standards. We want a world where patients can get help faster, with more accurate results.

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