Start a Community

Building a startup nation one community at a time is a process. We will begin to measure our impact in terms of (1) increasing the access of entrepreneurs to the support that they need; (2) starting and growing more successful startup communities in terms of infrastructure, level of activity; and. (3) ecosystem maturation overtime. Our overall objective is to start and grow more successful Canadian companies.

We are currently accepting applications to join the Startup Communities program. If you are interested in starting an official Startup Canada Community in your city,  register your interest for more information by emailing

The Communities Program Manager will get in contact with you to explain the program, structure and requirements, and to inform you how to apply to join the next wave of Startup Canada Communities.

Startup Community Leaders are  individuals or organizations that are passionate about:

  • Creating a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can seek advice, resources, and a proactive network of like-minded individuals.
  • Investing time in listening for entrepreneurs’ needs and challenges and representing their interests and communicating their concerns at the Community Summit, Day on the Hill and other spaces provided by Startup Canada for such advocacy throughout the year.
  • Being part of a national network of entrepreneurs’ supporters that will rally together to champion entrepreneurs and businesses that are the backbone of our economy. 
  • Master your community builder skills by diving into best practices about fostering collaboration, resources sharing, and events’ hosting 
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