Episode 388

Business From the Heart with William Wells

Rick Spence

William Wells

Episode Overview

“I want to hire as many folks with disabilities as possible. ”I also hope we inspire other small businesses to hire folks with a disability.”

William Wells is the Founder and Head Roster at Artery Roastery based in Ottawa, Ontario. William and the Artery team know what a positive impact can do to a person living with a disability, a farmer defending their land in Guatemala, and a single mother living in Rwanda – and their actions and products give back to these groups every day. 

Artery Coffee Roasters know their farmers and producers on a first-name basis. They provide stable and worthwhile employment to people living with disabilities and they know that consumers want to support businesses that give, and don’t just take. 

William is a volunteer and Board Director of ABLE2 and in August of 2022, Artery won Best Drip Coffee for Ottawa. 

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