The Cultured Coconut and Parados Cerebral Solutions Inc. Win Atlantic Regional Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competitions

Atlantic Region – September 14, 2020 | Today, the winners of the Atlantic Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competitions for the startup and scale-up categories were announced. The Cultured Coconut was named the winner of the Atlantic CXC Pitch Competition for the startup category, taking home $2,500. The scale-up category winner, Parados Cerebral Solutions Inc., left with $5,000. Both businesses will have the opportunity to compete head-to-head against the other regional finalists for the grand prize, and the national title!

Halifax-based company The Cultured Coconut, Co-Founded by Linda Peers, has worked to develop a handcrafted, fermented, non-dairy probiotic that has the potential to make a significant difference in everyone’s health. Through the use of ancient kefir grains, organic whole coconut and non-chlorinated water, the company has made a probiotic teeming with over 4 trillion Colony Forming Units and over 40 active strains in just one tablespoon – making it the most powerful probiotic on the market.

I am honoured to have been selected as the Startup recipient for the Atlantic Region. I’m very proud of our team’s dedication to producing a natural probiotic that’s helped so many people,” said Linda Peers, Owner of The Cultured Coconut. “I am very much looking forward to the national competition next month.”

New Brunswick-based company Parados Cerebral Solutions Inc. is a company that is revolutionizing the way we monitor and measure brain injuries. Co-Founded by Pascal McCarthy, Parados is developing a mouth guard with sensors that will alert an athlete when they have sustained a head injury that is likely to lead to a concussion. Later, the company will release a spine-mounted device using similar technology.    

“Thank you to Startup Canada for the award – I am honoured. I look forward to competing in the Grand Finale and putting even more money towards our mission,” said Pascal McCarthy, Co-Founder of Parados Cerebral Solutions. “I am happy you saw the value in our organization’s mission and what we are trying to accomplish.” 

“The Cultured Coconut and Parados Cerebral Solutions should signal to companies across Canada that consumers are looking for thoughtful, innovative solutions that simultaneously serve a social purpose,” said Kayla Isabelle, Executive Director of Startup Canada. “We’re thrilled to see Linda and Pascal represent Atlantic Canada’s global entrepreneurs at the Final Showdown in October.”

Presented by Startup Canada in collaboration with UPS, Export Development Canada, the Trade Commissioner Service, Mastercard, Scotiabank, Innovation Canada, CIPO, OSME, and Mitacs and powered by Google, last year’s Canadian Export Challenge showcased and supported more than 1,750 businesses to go global. This year, it’s going even further digitally to support rural and remote entrepreneurs from coast to coast to coast. 

If you missed it, watch the Atlantic Regional Canadian Export Challenge here.

Follow the Canadian Export Challenge as it makes its other regional stops in the Prairies, Ontario, British Columbia and North, and Quebec over the next two weeks.

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