#StartupChats – How to be A Successful Seniorpreneur

About This Event

Seniorpreneurship can take many forms, whether it’s a lifestyle business, allowing the senior to remain active in retirement, or a high growth venture they finally have time to pursue, and it’s a growing segment of the startup sector.

Older entrepreneurs face unique challenges, funding opportunities tend to be geared towards the young, the stress and long hours can be more mentally and physically exhausting, and potentially can’t take the same risks. How can these obstacles be overcome? Are there any benefits to waiting until your golden age to start up your startup?

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) on Friday, April 3, 2015 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET, hosted by Edwin Frondozo (@drgnmeme), to find out how you can be a successful entrepreneur, no matter how old you are!

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April 03, 2015