Episode 172

Transparency Through Storytelling with Nikki Wiart

Episode Overview

Nikki Wiart is a florist, farmer and writer. Her farming journey began in the winter of 2017 when she moved back to her hometown of Castor, Alberta to work under open prairie skies, grow food and raise animals – and do so in a sustainable and ecological way. Since then, she’s dabbled in a bit of everything, from bees to pigs, chickens, lambs, vegetables and flowers. Now, she’s narrowed in her focus, growing seasonal and sustainable flowers and raising grass-fed and finished lamb.

Lady’s Hat Farm is named after the Lady’s Hat – a hill in a piece of badlands owned by Nikki’s mom. This spot was always special to her family – it is still somewhere they gather, celebrate and grieve. It’s where Nikki collects crocuses in the Spring and sage in the Fall; where she climbs to see the sun set and admire the prickly pear cacti.

“I want other young women to be able to see themselves in roles of agriculture.”

In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Nikki Wiart speaks about being a role model for women in the agriculture and farming space and how she has been able to achieve transparency through storytelling. 

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