Episode 401

The Power of Networking with Jarrod Goldsmith

Rick Spence

Jarrod Goldsmith

Episode Overview

“Networking is not just about business. Ask them ‘how can I help you’ and write this on their business card, so you remember.”

Known by his signature fedora, Jarrod Goldsmith is a Canadian community builder, avid networker, past archaeologist, YouTuber, podcaster, and professional musician who founded Sax Appeal Ottawa. Using an interactive and novel virtual event platform, his other business is eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience) Virtual Events which hosts exciting virtual experiences for others.

He is the embodiment of the small business spirit and has more than 700 videos on the eSAX YouTube channel covering entrepreneurship, networking, and virtual event resources. Jarrod Goldsmith is a true small business success story.

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