Episode 438

The Only Food Bank for Animals with Nicole Frey

Rick Spence

Nicole Frey

Episode Overview

Animal food insecurity is a real crisis. Inspired by Odin and his owner in Kelowna, Nicole committed to making a difference for pets and their humans. Nicole Frey is the Founder of Animal Food Bank and in this episode she shares with us the ins and outs of feeding animals who need it most, across Canada.

Nicole Frey is a distinguished entrepreneur and the co-founder of the Animal Food Bank, a significant initiative devoted to addressing pet food insecurity. Her journey into animal welfare began in her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she volunteered for the Norway House Animal Rescue Network. This experience exposed her to the challenging circumstances of dogs in northern and remote communities. Nicole recognized the absence of pet food banks in the area. This realization led her to establish the Animal Food Bank only two days later.

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