Supply Chain Disruptions and Decisions with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistician turned supply chain mogul; passionate about collaboration, transparency, diversity – and doing better business.

As the host of the popular podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Sarah puts people right at the forefront of an industry that’s traditionally been about stats and numbers. From thought-provoking questions and lively discussions to championing diversity and real people’s industry success, Let’s Talk Supply Chain and its sister shows “Women in Supply Chain” and “Blended” bring a breath of fresh air to logistics.

Sarah is also the co-founder and CEO of innovative bid-and-ship freight platform Shipz Inc. Ensuring she practices what she preaches, Sarah is on a mission to redefine International shipping by bringing collaboration and diversity to the supply chain. Sarah has been voted ‘Top 100 Most Influential Women Leaders in Supply Chain’ and ‘Top 100 Most Influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain’ and is a regular contributor in thought- leadership at leading industry events.

“Building a supply chain for your business starts with your ethos, it starts with your target market.”

On this week’s Startup Women Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Sarah covers the small important decisions entrepreneurs need to make when it comes to inventory and supply chain and the mindsets entrepreneurs need to overcome disruptions and challenges.