Episode 335

Incubate Accelerate and Innovate with Kari Lamotte

Episode Overview

Kari LaMotte is the Managing Director of entrepreneurship@UBC, UBC’s incubator and accelerator program for innovators and entrepreneurs across the University of British Columbia.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Kari has been deeply embedded in the BC technology sector for over 20 years and is passionate about the growth of BC’s innovation ecosystem. She is the Co-Founder of Women Tech Founders – a trusted peer group for ongoing support that leverages the collective expertise and experience to help each other get connected, lead, grow, and feel empowered.

Kari has a background in Team Development which stems from her decades long career as an entrepreneur and leader. She has built and managed a direct sales organization of 120 people and has also built a startup in the e-commerce space with both remote and in-person teams. She has experience as an executive search consultant, placing mid to senior management in STEM companies, and has also been a coach to choirs in Western Canada and the US for over 15 years, working with them on culture and growth.

An exceptional networker and ecosystem builder, Kari has dedicated her career to growing and developing BC’s startup landscape, making significant contributions and having a meaningful impact on our innovation ecosystem.  

“The people I meet are the most fascinating part of the work I do.” 

In this week’s episode of the #StartupPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard, and  Scotiabank , Kari Lamotte shares how incubation and acceleration for entrepreneurs can lead to high rates of innovation and success.  

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