Securing and Strengthening Retail Partnerships with Tracy Bell

Tracy Bell is a career-long television reporter, turned corporate exec, turned startup CEO of Millennia Tea.  

She believes the story we tell ourselves and others is a potent tool for success in business, and satisfaction in life. As a career communicator, including being a journalist for one of Canada’s most-watched newscasts, Tracy knows first-hand the powerful impact of a story.  

  Tracy has received national and international awards in communications and community relations and also presents globally on the topics of innovation and pitching. She had a successful pitch on the television show Dragons’ Den and recently closed a funding round that includes private, institutional, and venture capital investors. Tracy spent three months in New York City last fall as one of eight founders selected from around the world as part of the #1 innovation accelerator globally for companies that use “food-as-medicine”. 

“I don’t walk around and say to other entrepreneurs “This is hard, business is tough”. I walk around and pretend business is easy, and that satisfaction comes every day, not only at the end.” 

In this week’s #StartupWomenPodcast, sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Tracy encourages entrepreneurs to get clear with themselves and their business and dream big. We also talk about entering and building relationships with investors, retail partners and how food entrepreneurs can get their products on bigger shelves.