Episode 140

Inclusion & Community: Just How Nona Used to Make It with Kailey Gilchrist – June 3, 2021

Episode Overview

Creating a support system within your community makes it easier to take on new challenges. Kailey Gilchrist, CEO of NONA Vegan Foods, discusses preserving familial memories through food, and creating spaces for marginalized entrepreneurs. 

Kailey developed a passion for cooking plant-based meals after spending countless hours with her late mother in the kitchen. She spent time learning her mother’s secret sauces and creating new plant-based meals of her own. 

Kailey founded NONA Vegan Foods in 2013 as an ode to her late mother. Nona Vegan Foods provides dairy-free and gluten free cream sauces that are a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional cream sauces. Nona started off as a home kitchen-operated brand and has since grown to a national brand – selling at stores such as Whole Foods. Kailey’s mission is to bring the nourishment and comfort of an italian “nonna” to Canadian kitchens. 

“I care about mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and helping out, because people have helped me. It feels important.”

On this week’s Startup Women Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Kailey discusses the importance of community organizations and creating diversity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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