Show Off Your Business to the World: Extended Export Support as an Entrepreneur

It’s back and it’s better than ever. We’re thrilled to announce that our Startup Global program has gone annual! Many of the same components that you know and love about Startup Global will be making a return, but we’re especially excited to let you know how we’re shaking things up for the better.

Startup Global is a free program that recognizes the importance of exporting to the overall Canadian economy, celebrate those making waves in the global marketplace, and empower founders to take their ventures to the international stage. As a national convener, Startup Global is uniquely positioned to bring together all of the export support organizations, resources, and partners you need to scale your business in one place. The Startup Global 2022 program comprises of a digital pitch competition with exclusive in-kind support, live webinars, and free professional advice through bootcamps, mentorship, and networking opportunities—all housed in an accessible and easy-to-use online portal.


How are we providing more export support?

This year, we’ve restructured the program to provide even higher quality support to directly lend a hand in scaling your business. From an enhanced Startup Global portal experience to cornerstone webinars to build key business relations, you’ll be export-ready with the click of a button.

Startup Global Portal

Following the launch of our Startup Global portal in 2021, we’re delighted to bring back this online portal again for 2022. You can expect the same high quality and in-depth resources and skills-based videos that you can access anywhere at any time.

We’ve made changes to make your experience even more helpful and practical. We’ve built an entrepreneur journey map to give you a step-by-step pathway that will help you identify what stage you’re at and the type of support best suited for your needs.

Startup Global Pitch Competition

Our annual pitch competition is back! Submit your pitch to enter your chance at winning from a cash prize pool of CAD$75,000 while gaining exclusive in-kind support throughout the year from our leading Startup Global partners. You might be thinking, what kind of exclusive in-kind support?

The top 100 semi-finalists of the pitch competition will receive exclusive access to professional and business development, most notably our brand new Partner Advisory Circles, Pitch Building Bootcamps, and 1:1 mentorship support, all of which are aimed to help you get ready for the finals as well as setting up your business to export successfully. Find all of the information you need to know about the pitch competition.

Live Webinars

We’ll be hosting five live webinars available to everyone throughout the year to help break down barriers to market entry. These live webinars will be a unique networking opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with key contacts and to build the foundations of long-lasting business partnerships. Check out our live webinar schedule for the upcoming 2022 year:

April Exporting 101 (through our #StartupChats program)
April Entrepreneurs Going Global Panel: Early Stage Advice
May Entrepreneurs Going Global Panel: Entrepreneurs Exporting to the U.S.
June Orchestrating Your Global Success: Market Trends and Entry Strategies
November Digital Skills: A Blueprint for Global Growth


How can I get involved or participate?

Head over to our Startup Global page and register a free account to our Startup Global portal. If you would like to know more or if you have a question about Startup Global 2022, please send an email to