Rural Reinvention with Shauna Rae – April 1, 2021

We often assume urban centres are home to the most innovative, versatile business ecosystems. Shauna Rae, Communications and Project Coordinator for Community Futures Ontario and co-host of the Kitchen Confessionals Podcast, sees rural startup ecosystems as a hub for innovation and reinvention. 

Shauna Rae is currently the Communications and Project Coordinator at Community Futures Ontario. She is the co-host of the popular podcast, Kitchen Confessionals, which she and Leah Hunt started during the pandemic. Shauna currently writes a column for Business London Magazine called “The Broad Perspective” about women in the workplace. Her specialty is shedding light on shared, collective experiences. 

Before Community Futures, Shauna was tasked with raising the profile of the non-profit organization, the Southwest Economic Alliance and their Intelligent Region Project, building a case for accessible and affordable high-speed internet in rural, remote and under-serviced areas of Ontario. She has also worked with a number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, in communications, community engagement and PR. 

Shauna is a graduate of the Journalism Broadcast program at Fanshawe College and she enjoyed a decade-long radio and television broadcasting career.

She is a member of Canadian Women in Communications and Technology, loves creative writing, tinkering with technology and is fascinated by the shifting landscapes of both journalism and social media. She grew up in a small town and now lives outside a small hamlet in Southwestern Ontario. Her interests lie in advocacy, and in action, in the pursuit of justice and empowerment for all.  

“Don’t put your worth in the hands of other people. Your values and the morals you bring to your own life are all that matter, nothing else.”

On this week’s StartupWomen Podcast, sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, Shauna discusses the art of reinvention, community-based journalism, and rural towns as a hub for innovation!