Rural Women Podcast E01 – Changing the Story with Tina Sheridan

As the daughter of a Residential School survivor and a Sixties Scoop survivor herself, Tina Sheridan didn’t want to become another statistic and she wanted to leave a different legacy for her own family.

At the age of 33, she got her high school diploma and turned her side-gig catering jobs into a mining camp services empire called Cree Quest Corporation. She has cited hunger and poverty as the driving force behind her ambition.

But it took a decade and it was by no means easy.

Tina hasn’t spoken about her struggles much in the past, because she was ashamed and feared it would affect her credibility. But she shared some of them with us, in this episode.

A trigger warning: This episode makes indirect reference to domestic violence (13:30) and there is a brief reference to the discovery of thousands of children’s remains at some of Canada’s residential schools (15:40). This may trigger some of you and is in the second half of the episode if you’d like to skip that part.