Podcast Guest Tech Prep List

Thank you for being our guest on the Startup Canada Podcast Show!

Welcome to the online tech-check.  These instructions will ensure your interview is professionally recorded.  Please read and understand all of the instructions explained below.  A member from our podcast team with contact you prior to your scheduled recording session to ensure you are properly equipped.

Please follow the four (4) important instructions below to ensure professional results.

*Note: If the interview experiences poor recording results due to these steps not being followed by the interviewee Startup Canada reserves the right to pull the recording from the final broadcast schedule.

Tech Prep List for Guest:

1) Wired Internet Connection (do not use a wireless internet connection).  It only takes one person to start watching a video on their mobile device on your wireless network to cause dropouts and impede your audio quality. Once connected to internet via an Ethernet cable visit this link speedtest.net and click on “Begin Test” button.  A continuous 1Mbps download and 1Mbps upload is a required minimum.  If you experience slower results in your connection or you need assistance acquiring a wired internet connection contact your facilities local IT expert for assistance.

2) Choose a quiet location.  This is a professional podcast show.  Please turn off your mobile phone, Skype notifications and alerts and do not broadcast from a coffee shop or other noisy environments.

*Note: Recordings with poor audio quality and background noise will not be subject for broadcast.

3) A USB Headset With Microphone.  A headset-mic combo device is required.  Do not use built-in computer microphones or Apple type earbuds where the mic is attached to the cord.  A USB headset with a adjustable microphone that extends out in front of the mouth is required. Echo filled and/or distant sounding recording will not be subject for broadcast.   Example of Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB Headset pictured below







4) Latest Version of Skype installed and/or updated to latest version.  This software is free to download from www.skype.com/en/. Do not use Skype for Business.

MAC USERS: If you are using an Apple Air or other Apple computer that does not have a built in Ethernet jack you will need to use a ‘Ethernet to Thunderbolt Adapter’ (pictured below).  These adapters can be purchased from any Apple Store,  Best Buy or Staples.  One side of the adapter plugs into your laptop and the other side allows you to plug in your Ethernet cable.

























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