Startup Canada Task Force

Syncing Government with Entrepreneurs

The Startup Canada Task Force is Startup Canada’s flagship government relation’s activity and has been created as a platform to advance entrepreneurship policy in Canada.

The mission of the Task Force is to advance Canada’s prosperity and competitiveness and to position Canada as a beacon of entrepreneurship globally by convening entrepreneurs and cross-sector experts, initiating undertakings, and carrying out government relations and policy activities.

The Task Force identifies priorities on a bi-annual basis, responding to the most pressing issues and imminent opportunities for Canada to advance its standing as it relates to entrepreneurship. In doing so, it appoints committees to undertake the activities, research and initiatives necessary to advance the priorities.

Startup Canada appoints the Members of the Task Force on a 2-year term with the possibility of renewal, with the requirement that an entrepreneur must chair the Task Force. The founding members of the Task Force have been selected for their unique national vantage in leading associations pertinent to the success of Canada’s entrepreneurs.

2014 Members

Laura O'Blenis, Chair
Carol Stewart, AURP Canada
Victoria Lennox, Startup Canada
Richard Remillard, CVCA
Yuri Navarro, NACO
Michael Donahue, CABI