Mindsets Influence Mental Health with Purdeep Sangha and Ryan Benoit

Episode Overview

“When it comes to mental health and entrepreneurship, the people you surround yourself with are critical. Are they positive influences?”

Purdeep Sangha is a business and personal advisor to top CEOs and entrepreneurs around the world. He’s considered a top authority in business and personal performance enhancement as he shares his expertise as the cohost of the newest TV show “Mind Your Own Business.”

Ryan Benoit is the owner of The Positive Inception, a clothing brand he created to allow people to be more positive and to help them gain a different perspective on life. The goal and mission of The Positive Inception is to remind people about the amazing things in life and to try and make the world we live in easier for people and more positive. 

This week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and Scotiabank, is part of our mental health takeover for mental health awareness month! In this episode we discuss how both of their businesses are opening up the conversation around mental health and their advice for entrepreneurs when navigating mental health.

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