Utilizing the Right Tech with Michal Pisarek – February 2, 2021

Episode Overview

Powerful technology is only as good as its application – faults in execution and implementation can often lead to over digitalized workspaces and overly complicated operations. So how do we utilize tech to empower customers and our ventures? Just ask Michal Pisarek, CEO of Orchestry!  

Six-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, Michal Pisarek is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Microsoft 365 thought leader and former professional chef bringing his great depth of product, leadership and user experience expertise to Orchestry. His team empowers organizations by creating custom solutions that help organizations effortlessly unlock the power of Microsoft 365. 

“Too many entrepreneurs fall in love with the technology they are trying to use but they aren’t in love with the idea of working with customers or with the problem they are trying to solve. Your mission and vision are critically important.”

In this week’s episode of the #StartupCanadaPodcast, sponsored by Mastercard and powered by Microsoft Canada, Michal discusses executing ideas, the importance of relationship building, and utilizing the right tech.

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