Episode 404

Let’s Talk Side Hustles with Jeff Mitchell

Rick Spence

Jeff Mitchell

Episode Overview

“When change happens, we become resilient. I believe pursuing a side hustle allows us to learn this and thrive.”

Jeff has enjoyed a winding pathway through the gig and creator economies. A former English teacher, Jeff dove into entrepreneurship in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Early in his journey he started an education technology company, led innovation training at various Canadian Innovation Centres, and did freelance curriculum development for a range of post-secondary institutions. 

Today, Jeff has a portfolio of work that includes being a freelance innovation coach and consultant for big brands, co-owning Lane Two Learning Inc, where he builds & launches courses for large organizations like Canon Canada, and is the co-owner of The Maker’s Collective. With The Maker’s Collective, Jeff has become a thought leader in the Future of Work, Side Hustling, and the Gig Economy, having designed and delivered side hustle 101 – an online course that has helped over 450 people to thrive in the gig and creator economies.

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