Episode 384

Innovation Under the Sun with Stephanie Tien and Kristina Knox

Rick Spence

Stephanie Tien, Kristina Knox

Episode Overview

“Entrepreneurship can be done at your own pace. It doesn’t have to be a huge million-dollar company – the most important thing is just to take the leap.”

Scientists by training, Stephanie and Kristina are the right minds to innovate in the space of sun protection. After one too many sunburns on their scalps, this duo knew they needed to create a product to protect delicate skin, without the mess and grease that is left behind by traditional sun creams.

With impact in mind, Arbre Inc.  is committed to developing SPF products that are safe for your skin and our earth. Together, Kristina and Stephanie are educating folks about understanding SPF, decoding sunscreen labels, and recently received Health Canada approval for their products.

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