Episode 199

How To: Navigate Global Entrepreneurship with Myriam Francisque and Evelyne Nyairo

Episode Overview

The world is your oyster, its full of opportunities.

But what about trade agreements, laws, market research, and shipping costs?  For entrepreneurs who want to go global, opportunities for growth can quickly feel risky, unclear and even out of reach. For Black and racialized entrepreneurs, these feelings are often amplified.

Evelyne Nyairo is the Founder of Ellie Bianca, a natural and luxury skin care line made in Canada with organic and sustainable ingredients. Myriam Francisque is the National Lead for Black and Racialized exporters at Export Development Canada, where she guides entrepreneurs on their global journeys.

Evelyne Nyairo is the Founder of Ellie Bianca.
Myriam Francisque is the National Lead at Export Development Canada for Black and Racialized Exporters.


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