Episode 193

How To: Navigate Entrepreneurship as a Newcomer with Karla Briones and Vanessa Teran

Kayla Isabelle

Karla Briones, Vanessa Teran

Episode Overview

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, with high highs and low lows. Add in navigating a new country and all of the emotions and learnings that come along with it, that is a whole new rollercoaster.

In this episode, we hear from two women entrepreneurs who left home and came to Canada for a new life. Through their journeys, we quickly learn that newcomer entrepreneurs are the biggest risk takers of all.


Karla Briones is a proud Mexican-Canadian entrepreneur with retail, food and online businesses such as Global Pet Foods and Freshii. She is also the Founder of KB Consulting.

Vanessa Teran is a Digital Product Marketer and Clean-tech entrepreneur. Vanessa is co-founder of AQUA Preserve.

To learn more from Karla Briones, check out her blog and website
To connect with Vanessa, view her LinkedIn
Check out Pocketed for grants and funding opportunities
Check out Access Capital Fund, an accelerator program for women
Learn more about BDC’s Newcomer Entrepreneur programs
If you are under 39, check out Futurpreneur
If you live in Canada, check out our own Startup Global program 

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