Episode 194

How To: Fund Your Business and Grow with Kailey Gilchrist and Shelley Kuipers

Kayla Isabelle

Kailey Gilchrist, Shelley Kuipers

Episode Overview

Your venture needs funding, how you get there can be up to you.

In this episode, Kailey shares NONA Vegan’s fundraising journey while Shelley chimes in with insight and advice for funding your business so you can grow.

“Founders should put themselves first. I want to understand their judgment, I need to see that they are coachable. I love companies who marry a social impact to their business and it isn’t a trade off.”

Shelley Kuipers
is Co-CEO, General Partner and Growth Officer at The51, where she is transforming the status quo to create a more equitable, feminist and ecologically sustainable business.

Kailey Gilchrist is the Founder of NONA Vegan, where she brings the comfort and nourishment of an Italian mamma’s home cooking to your meals.

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