Episode 202

How To: Build Successful Relationships with Freelancers with Jasmine Williams and Sandra Reimer

Kayla Isabelle

Jasmine Williams, Sandra Reimer

Episode Overview

Freelancing is a very unique style of entrepreneurship. For freelancers, they are able to achieve flexibility and do work they are great at. For founders, freelancers are key contributors to their projects and business. In this episode, we talk about the tangible tools that allow freelancers to be successful and how to develop strong, empathetic and successful relationships with them, as founders.


Sandra Reimer is a marketing matchmaker at CoLabourNation. Sandra connects overwhelmed founders with Canadian freelancers to accelerate their success by outsourcing marketing and admin.

Jasmine Williams is a Writer, Content Marketing Consultant, and Freelance Coach at Jasmine Williams Media. Jasmine supports creative entrepreneurs, consultants, and growth-stage startups scale with strategic content marketing consulting and coaching.


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