Welcoming Wellness and Implementing Inclusion with Dr. Helen Ofosu – March 28th 2019

Episode Overview

When you’re starting a business, human resources (HR) might not be top of mind. But as soon as you begin hiring, it’s a part of business ownership that entrepreneurs will need to explore. Dr. Helen Ofosu, Career Psychologist and HR Consultant and Founder of I/O Advisory Services knows that not only do you need to ensure your employees are cared for, but that some people might be more of a fit than others. “Hiring someone is a big commitment and it will make a big impact on your organization. In those early years, each person who you add to your team can have a big impact.”  Dr. Ofosu has been practicing Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the public and private sectors for almost 20 years. Helen’s specialties include career coaching for professionals, the assessment and development of leadership skills, and navigating the complex issues of workplace bullying, harassment, diversity and inclusion. Prior to starting her consulting practice in 2012, Dr. Ofosu worked for the federal public service at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (now Global Affairs Canada), the Department of National Defense, and the Public Service Commission. She has developed online screening tests, structured interviews, role plays and simulations for evaluating job applicants’ skills and behaviours as part of the hiring and promotion process. On this week’s episode of the #THRIVEPodcast, host Komal Minhas dives into HR, culture and employee fit with Dr. Ofosu. Listen now at startupcan.ca/thrivepodcast!

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